March 10, 2023

Skaylink LT managers ventured on a business mission in Berlin

The Skaylink sales group manager Dominykas Palšis and director Donatas Zaveckas participated in a business mission to Germany organized by the Kaunas Chamber of Commerce and Crafts.

Lithuanian and Latvian business representatives met with local businessmen at the Lithuanian Embassy in Berlin — presenting their companies, establishing contacts, and discussing opportunities for cooperation. From the German side, the event was overseen by the Digital Business Association.

The participants were greeted by Germany’s Lithuanian Ambassador  — Ramūnas Misiulis, the Latvian Ambassador Alda Vanaga, and a board member of the Digital Business Association, as well as the head of IBVP Internet Provider in Berlin GmbH, René Ebert.

There were discussions about Berlin as a city for digital businesses and presentations about various IRT opportunities in the Berlin metropolitan area. Of course, companies had an opportunity to introduce themselves and the Lithuanian / Latvian ICT markets were reviewed.

While showcasing Skaylink, Dominykas Palšis emphasized the differences between managed Cloud, DevOps, and IT providers from traditional tech businesses.

 “More and more competitive companies are choosing managed services, entrusting the management of their IT infrastructure to professionals — thus focusing on their immediate business priorities. Managed services cover everything from A to Z, starting with equipment, as well as licenses, and ending with cloud services, paired with security solutions. This is the only way managers can achieve profit, optimize costs and sleep peacefully — without the fear of employee downtime or cyber security risks,” said Dominykas Palšis.

According to Donatas Zaveckas, head of Skaylink Lietuva, such business missions are crucial both in terms of discovering new markets and forging new partnerships. Because tech companies can operate a lot more efficiently and offer customers integrated solutions, focusing on their needs when they’re looking to cooperate with each other, not compete.

The business mission was crowned by a basketball feast in the main arena of Berlin, where Kaunas “Žalgiris” defeated Berlins “Alba”.