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Skaylink provides managed Cloud, DevOps, and IT services for clients in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, and the Baltic states. With our constructive and professional viewpoint, we’re now on track to become Europe’s No.1 partner for IT services!

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Managed Services Sales

It’s not only about the sales. Being a Sales or Account Manager in Skaylink you are exposed to top clients from the most exciting industries. Your role description is all about sharing a story and challenging client business decision-makers to make progress and shift business-driven IT into IT-driven business.

For those who love cloud & stories

Hardware & Software Sales

Only geeks and tech-hungry persons allowed! If you are the one who can tell 5 key differences between x86 and ARM architectures while being woken up at night, this might be the right place for you. You’ll be given a trust and platform to advise and supply Skaylink clients with any request they could make - from the modern peripherals to laptops, workstations, networking devices to software solutions.

For those who love gadgets and devices

Managed Services Sales


If you like to work with a portfolio of services that sell themselves, Skaylink might be the right place for you.

Working as a Sales manager you will be exposed to many exciting activities from go-to-market events, lead generation activities, outbound sales, and inbound sales.

If you like meeting new people, learning about their business, and being able to offer tangible solutions to their business issues you discover, you will like working at Skaylink.

Here you will be empowered with trust, self-organization, and decision-making – all the key tools for you to reach your realistic sales goals.


Be a trusted advisor for your clients who trust 90% of their IT and Cloud responsibilities to Skaylink

As a Key Account Manager, your focus builds to a more long-term relationship with the client. Technical skills are crucial to achieving this goal. Thus all sellers who want to become Key Account Managers need to constantly learn, certify in at least the fundamental level of AWS/Azure, and gain trust to be a trusted advisor for the clients.

You are expected to have at least one of these:

Vendors you will be working with:

Hardware & Software Sales

Sales manager

Single point of contact for any business hardware solutions for existing and new clients of Skaylink.

Lean ordering process and the methods enabling express order fulfillment. Combining it with your traits – you will soon become the best friend of the CTO of Skaylink clients.

The one thing you need to commit to is continued learning and curiosity about all the developments in the hardware and business devices market.

Vendors you will be working with:

Currently open positions

We are waiting for you! Our company is constantly developing and seeking for new talents to join our ranks. Take a look at the open positions we are currently hiring for. Haven’t found what you’re looking for? Come back later – we are regularly updating the list.

Skaylink - the best place to work in

Skaylink – a vibrant space where enthusiasts of technology strive for a better tomorrow. For people that crave to make a significant impact globally.

At the moment, Skaylink is a leading service provider for more than 600 business clients of Lithuania and the Baltic states.
Your technology infrastructure stays under professional supervision as our experts provide high-quality and transparent management services. Our purpose is to help our clients reach new heights in their ventures and solve technological challenges arising.

Skaylink is a unique place to work for people that admire and are passionate about technology. Every one of our employees is a valuable part of our company helping us improve daily. From Cloud engineers, system administrators, and technicians, to service, sales or project managers, and creative advertising professionals.

At Skaylink, we focus on the strength of each and one of us and enable it to be used to achieve the best results possible.

We always welcome individuals seeking to create solutions that will change the future and are ready to explore the ways to implement global technology projects in a dynamic work environment. To this day, we have expanded our Skaylink family into 80 employees in the Baltic States alone. And there are over 800 of us in all of Europe.

We strongly believe that people are the most important component of our company. That is why we aim to create a comfortable and dynamic work environment, where employees can accomplish their professional goals and gain extensive knowledge.

Thus, enjoy and savor every moment of their work life.

Additional benefits for our employees:


Whether it's a hammock on the beach in Thailand, or a cottage in the countryside of Spain, whether it’s with your teammates or alone – you have a chance to work in a place that suits and inspire you the most. The balance of work and life is important to us.


Guaranteed specialized and quality health insurance for every employee.


We will provide you with all the necessary equipment and access to seminars and learning platforms so your ambition and talent can grow.


Employees are provided with a personal mobility budget that can be used for expenses on a taxi, fuel, or rental car when needed.


Every morning you'll find a full snack and drink bar in the office. We also regularly organize brunches, business, and regular lunches for the whole team. Food is an important part of our culture.


We value active leisure and encourage everyone to partake in it. Our employees are always welcome to exercise with professionals or be a part of our Best Triathlon Team!


Skaylinkers know best about the extras - we occasionally enjoy vibrant parties, delightful trips, and festivals.

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